Crystal Magic

Mineral Wisdom for Pagans and Wiccans

Crystals are popular with Pagans and Wiccans because they provide a simple and effective way to add power to magic and ritual. The use of crystals and gemstones dates to ancient times when they served as bling and much more. They have been used as symbols of power and wealth, beauty and prestige, and as tokens of love.

Like other areas of the natural world such as herbs and plants, gemstones enhance ritual and magic. While it is easy to work with crystals on a superficial level, with a little more knowledge we can tap into the deeper power and wisdom of the mineral kingdom.

The book is divided into two parts beginning with “History, Science, and Working with Stones,” which provides a historical perspective on gemstone use since ancient times.

Information about the various characteristics of crystals and how they are created helps to expand the reader’s knowledge base and supports the more effective use of gemstones. Simulated and synthetic stones are also discussed as well as red flags for spotting fakes.

Details on buying and preparing stones are provided as well as an overview on the magical use of crystals. In addition, a new and powerful form of crystal grid that is based on the inner structures of crystals is presented.

Part two is “A Compendium of Stones,” which will serve as a reference for years to come. This is an alphabetical listing of over one hundred varieties of crystals that includes historical information. Of course, each entry includes magical applications.

This section is intended to provide a foundation for understanding the rich cultural background of crystals to aid the reader in developing his or her own ways of using them. Fully illustrated, this book also provides details for identifying stones and the pronunciation of mineral names.


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