Change at Hand


Balancing Your Energy through Palmistry, Chakras and Mudras

Change at Hand is a unique blend of palmistry and energy work that uses the four elements to put the key of self-discovery and change in your hands.

Find out how palmistry can be used to understand your strengths, weaknesses, talents and potentials. The information in our hands is forged with flesh and blood, not written in stone. We can learn from this information and use our energy and intentions to direct our lives.

While most forms of palmistry only touch on the four elements when dealing with hand shape, Change at Hand explores their integral connection with all aspects of the hand. Through the elements we can identify and work with the archetypal energies that make us unique.

Discover new, invigorating ways to activate and direct life force energy to create the life you want.

This book will help you:
- Identify your elemental archetype for a better understanding of your personality and life path,
Interpret your palm's shape, your Heart and Life lines, and more to discover and spark your innate potentials,
Use crystals to open your hand chakras and bring your elemental energy into balance.

Bringing together aspects of palmistry, meditation and a progressive form of energy work, Change at Hand is an inspiring and powerful guide that will help you find your inner path and evolve into your true self.


Change at Hand


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