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Existing in every type of ecosystem, birds have been present through all the civilizations that have come and gone. Throughout the world and for thousands of years birds have represented freedom, served as a symbol of the soul, and were believed to be messengers of deities. They also served as guides and guardians. In the mythology of many cultures, birds were associated with the otherworld, bringing messages and/or providing access to other realms.

Birds provide us with a powerful way to stay in tune with the natural world and its seasonal markers. They also help us access different levels of energy and awareness no matter where we are. Working with birds helps us awaken intuition and psychic abilities, and aids in tapping into the subtle energies around us. Each bird has its own particular wisdom that can enrich our lives.

Not every bird you see is a messenger, but when you spot a particular type of bird in an unexpected place, it may be calling for your attention. A bird you haven’t seen for a while or one that appears in a dream may have information for you. Select that bird from the following list or choose one randomly to find its meaning and message.

More information on these and other birds as well as the ancient Bird Goddess is available in my book Bird Magic.

Albatross Blackbird Bluebird Canary


Chickadee Crane Crow Dove Duck
Eagle Falcon Flamingo Goose Hawk
Heron Hummingbird Jay Kingfisher Lark
Loon Magpie Mockingbird Owl Peacock
Pelican Penguin Pigeon Roadrunner Robin
Seagull Sparrow Starling Stork Swallow
Swan Turkey Vulture Woodpecker Wren
When working with birds, information may not be understood immediately.
In fact, it may take a few days, a week, or more. Be patient.
Information often comes softly like the flutter of wings.
Albatross Key Messages: Touch Spirit • Find Direction

Venturing across the widest expanses of water, this legendary storm rider and wanderer is the largest creature of the air. Albatross can show us the ethereal realms beyond our land-based existence as well as the world within our hearts. This bird shepherds our journeys and steers us in the direction we are meant to travel. Albatross helps fine tune intuition. It is also an aid for weather divination.

The freedom this bird symbolizes requires adaptability, patience, and creativity, which are important for meeting challenges and dealing with problems. Call on the power of Albatross for support and guidance in journeying and for spiritual quests. Use a picture of Albatross as a talisman for protection during physical travel.

Known for strength and endurance, the energy of this bird can be instrumental when seeking transformation. In ritual, call on Albatross to bring spiritual purification through the elements of air and water.

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Blackbird Key Messages: Be Subtle • Go Deep

Black creatures blend into the night and convey a sense of mystery. This bird reminds us to embrace the dark, to go deep, and to incubate ideas or explore mysteries. Blackbird’s energy stokes creativity and heightens awareness for psychic work. It is also influential for developing subtle methods of defense.

Blackbird provides support and guidance for shamanic work and retrieving ancient wisdom. Blackbirds are omens and seeing two means good things are on the horizon for you. In Celtic legend, this bird served as gatekeeper to the otherworld and fairy realm. Blackbird is particularly helpful at Samhain for contacting loved ones who have passed.

Red-wing Blackbird has a strong connection with life-giving Goddess energy. It is especially associated with the Fates and other goddesses associated with spinning and weaving.

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Bluebird Key Messages: Awaken Spiritually • Reach Goals

Bluebird heralds change and foretells of good things to come. Although small, this bird can help build confidence and motivation to accomplish your goals. Call on Bluebird to provide a gentle boost to love spells. This bird is also an ally for finding happiness. As a symbol of springtime, Bluebird brings renewal and freshness to hearth and home.

It is a ready and willing aid for personal growth and transformation that occurs on a deeply spiritual level. Bluebird can hold you in a time outside of time to connect with your soul and the spirit of others. Call on Bluebird to activate creative and pro-creative forces; artistic expression and fertility.

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Key Messages: Find Your Voice • Heed Warnings

This unassuming little bird has a long history of fascinating people and attracting luck. Famous for its singing, Canary can help find and activate your inner voice as well as other expressive talents. Just as caged canaries were taken into coal mines to warn of dangerous gases, this bird may bring warnings and aid in the development of your intuition and psychic abilities.

Canary’s association with Elysium, the enchanted otherworld in Greek mythology, helps weave together connections with past lives, which can bring healing and harmony. This bird is also instrumental in finding your soul path and exploring spirituality on a deeply meaningful level.

This bird will guide you when you want to consecrate sacred space through singing and chanting. Don’t be shy, lift your voice and sing freely from the heart. Symbolic of sensitivity, Canary will also guide you in matters of companionship as well as creativity. Call on this bird to invite happiness and beauty into your life.

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Key Messages: Find Balance • Honor Family

Like red ochre used in ancient burials, the cardinal’s color associates it with the energy of renewal and regeneration. Symbolizing the blood of the Mother Goddess, this bird brings the promise of fertility and the continuance of life. This bird symbolizes the vitality of life and the importance of nurturing others. Include Cardinal in magic work relating to family and pregnancy.

Although its color seems a stark contrast to the winter landscape, Cardinal aids in finding balance and well-being during a time of year that is filled with joy, yet sometimes fraught with emotional challenges. Any time you need to turn inward, Cardinal can bring clarity and help you listen to your heart.

Don’t ignore the fact that Cardinal’s red plumage is associated with love and passion, too. Include this bird when working spells of romance. With Cardinal’s aid, you can fine-tune intuition and stoke creativity while building confidence and self-worth.

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Chickadee Key Messages: Speak Truth • Meet Challenges

Chickadee is a tough little character that demonstrates how cheerfulness can help in getting through anything. This bird understands moods and can be called upon for dealing with attitudes because it knows how to use them.

Whether learning a skill or when determining your path in life, Chickadee is a bird of the mind and aids in finding knowledge. Because of torpor, it is familiar with altered states and supports practices such as shamanic journeying and astral travel. Chickadee is instrumental in awakening inner wisdom, especially when you need to get to the truth of a situation. This bird also reminds you to speak the truth.

When you need to act, count on Chickadee to energize the situation and back you up. Because Chickadee is a good communicator and able to speak the language of other birds, call on it when compassion, diplomacy, or eloquence are needed.

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Crane Key Messages: Develop Patience • Use Introspection

Found throughout Celtic myth, Crane is associated with death, rebirth, understanding deep mysteries, and truth. Because of Manannan’s “crane bag,” it is associated with the ogham and divination in general. Buy or make a drawstring bag for your divination tools and decorate it with the forfeda ogham characters, which Crane is most closely associated with.

Crane provides support for shamanic work and becomes a guardian when connecting with the otherworld. Call on this bird for magic involving justice, honor, and the protection of children. As a symbol of grace and endurance, Crane can help you find peace and develop patience.

When seeking self-knowledge or wisdom of the ancients, Crane brings focus for introspection. It teaches how to be independent and to keep secrets. Call on Crane for spells of abundance or reversal, and to stoke creativity. This bird also brings healing and well-being. Cranes are beautiful symbols of balance that go well on an Ostara or Mabon altar.

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Crow Key Messages: See Beyond • Incubate Talent

Mentioned in the mythology of many cultures throughout the world, Crow was often portrayed as a bringer of messages and a guide for traveling between the worlds. Associated with darkness, war, and death, the destructiveness associated with this bird may cause fear, but Crow provides wisdom to see beyond into the fertile womb of darkness where rebirth begins.

Fostering growth, Crow’s darkness is a cradle for creativity and intuition where talents and skills can incubate and unfold. This bird is also instrumental in expanding awareness for divination and all forms of communication. Whenever you find yourself at a crossroads, Crow can help reveal which direction offers the best opportunity.

This bird holds a great deal of power that can be called upon to boost spells, especially for defense and protection, and even love. Crow shows that adaptability and honor are essential when working within one’s community. This bird also indicates that knowledge and spirituality are key to a full life.

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Dove Key Messages: Stoke Passion • Stay Grounded

Dove represents hope, forgiveness, and compassion. Associated with Aphrodite, Venus, and other goddesses of love, it is instrumental for magic relating to love and sex. Call on Dove to stoke passion and sensuality as well as to restore fidelity and harmony in a relationship. As an ancient symbol of springtime and the future, this bird is an aid for fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. It can also boost prosperity spells.

Dove is a bird of duality and balance: life/death, grief/happiness. Call on it for support when mourning the death of a loved one. This bird’s gentleness is especially helpful for healing during a time when feeling fragile. Use Dove on your altar to honor the deceased and carry them toward rebirth.

This bird’s long association with prophecy, makes it an ideal talisman for receiving messages from other realms as well as general divination practices. More than anything, this bird is a powerful symbol of peace, wisdom, and spirit. Dove helps ground and center energy after ritual and magic work

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Duck Key Messages: Attract Abundance • Handle Emotions

Since ancient times, this bird has represented abundance and comfort. Include Duck in spells to draw on this age-old symbolism and bring prosperity into your life. Duck is a supportive bird attracting opportunities and providing guidance. It is also a protector. Engendering fidelity and communication in relationships, Duck helps foster affection and nurture others. It is also associated with fertility.

As a water bird, Duck is associated with the emotions and can aid in dealing with them without a disruptive uproar. This bird brings clarity and helps explore below the surface. Duck also shows how rise above turmoil.

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Eagle Key Messages: Seize Opportunities • Discover Freedom

Above all, Eagle represents power, strength, and authority. It is an aid for developing psychic abilities and contacting spirits. Employ the power of Eagle in purification rituals and for healing. In regard to spirituality, this is a bird of awakening that can bring wisdom and clear vision.

Eagle helps adapt to change and seize opportunities with confidence. It can provide the spark of inspiration to get creative juices flowing and ignite passions. When judicious communication is necessary, Eagle aids intuition and leads you to hidden truths. As a symbol of the sun and renewal, this bird can help you discover new levels of freedom.

Call on Eagle to build energy for summer and winter solstice celebrations. Although this high-flying bird is less nimble when walking, it is an aid for grounding energy after ritual or psychic work and helps find balance.

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Falcon Key Messages: Sharpen Perception • Be Loyal

Since ancient times, this bird has been a symbol of power and magic. Falcon teaches how to sharpen your perception for greater awareness of what may be going on around you in both the seen and unseen worlds.

Falcon is instrumental in personal growth and healing the soul. With sickle-shaped beak and talons, it can remove the things that inhibit or hurt. Call on this bird to accompany you as a guide no matter what level (physical or spiritual) your journey may be on. While Falcon can be a fierce adversary, it demonstrates the importance of loyalty and truth.

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Flamingo Key Messages: Seek Light • Build Community

More than a funky lawn ornament, Flamingo is associated with night magic. In India it was a symbol of the soul migrating from darkness to light. Flamingo is appropriate to grace an Imbolc altar as we transition from the dark of the year toward spring. And, of course, at summer solstice it brings the essence of light-hearted summer fun.

This bird aids spell work done just before dawn. As a bird of knowledge, Flamingo brings enlightening information that will lift your heart and soul. This bird is helpful for developing community, finding strength with others, and bringing stability to the home.

With its fiery coloring, the ancient Egyptians associated Flamingo with the phoenix and its power of transformation. Ask for this bird’s help for changes that bring renewal.

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Goose Key Messages: Cultivate Cooperation • Foster Domesticity
Domesticated for its eggs, meat, and feathers, this bird symbolizes comfort, abundance, and domesticity. It also represents love, marriage, fertility, and fidelity. Call on this bird to aid you in any of these areas of life.

Goose provides support for divination practices. It aids in working with spirits and can serve as a guide in otherworld journeys. Acting as a guardian, Goose is instrumental for warning of danger. For travel in the physical world as well as other realms, call on Goose for protection and a safe return.

Although considered noisy by some, Goose brings clear communication and fosters cooperation. Spiritually, it can be a guide for soul pathway working, deeply meaningful quests, and personal growth. Sparking inspiration and imagination, Goose can help find true freedom and happiness.

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Hawk Key Messages: Trust Intuition • Develop Leadership
As in Celtic and Egyptian traditions, Hawk is a link with the otherworld and the afterlife bringing messages and representing omens. It is a creature of memory that helps tap into past-life experiences. Call on this bird for aid in developing psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance. It will also help you learn to trust your intuition, especially when interpreting visions. This bird can bring clarity to communications on all levels and help strengthen awareness. Hawk can bestow illumination when seeking truth about a situation or oneself. As a bird of power and wisdom, Hawk serves as a guide to help traverse the astral realm. Call on it to bolster courage when confronting problems or any situation that requires confidence. Hawk aids in developing leadership skills and the ability to recognize opportunities. This bird also stimulates creativity.

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Heron Key Messages: Assert Authority Wisely • Unlock Abilities

Although it has a reflective demeanor, Heron is an aid for cultivating assertiveness and learning to wield authority while emphasizing its wise use. This bird aids in attracting opportunities and building security. It also teaches the power of keeping secrets.

Believed to possess the power of the otherworld, Heron is an ally for any type of journeying. Call on it for guidance when seeking your life path and for developing psychic skills. Heron teaches the importance of focus for introspection or any type of self-work that fosters transformation. Turn to Heron for help in unlocking your abilities, especially for magic work. Call on its power and connection with the moon during esbat rituals.

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Hummingbird Key Messages:Bolster Courage • Foster Motivation

Hummingbirds are well known for their aerobatics of flying straight and fast, stopping instantly, hovering, and even flying backwards. With feather colors that rival gemstones, it is no wonder Aztec warriors revered the power and beauty of this bird. The strength and vitality of this tiny creature can be called upon to stoke courage as well as to call on the spirit of the warrior for spells of defense.

The energy of this bird helps foster motivation, independence, and optimism. Hummingbird also boosts the power of charms and amulets for travel protection as well as for guarding the home. Also call on Hummingbird to aid with healing and issues of forgiveness. This bird is an emblem of love and beauty and helps find the sweetness of life. Hummingbird aids in holding secrets and knowing when to be discreet.

Hummingbird’s association with the sun makes it an appropriate addition to the ritual altar for Yule and Litha. This bird also brings forth the enchantment of Midsummer’s Eve to connect with fairies.

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Jay Key Messages: Face Fears • Think Big

Like its cousin the crow, Jays mob predators or other potentially dangerous intruders. Call on this bird for help with assertiveness or when you need to face personal fears. Ask for help to boost magic spells, especially those relating to luck.

By caching acorns, Jay has aided in the reforestation of oak trees and shows that a small act can have a major outcome. Supporting skill development, Jay teaches that talent should be used for common good, not private gain.

Jay’s association with the otherworld makes it an appropriate bird to grace a Samhain altar. Also call on it for guidance when journeying. Jay provides a connection between the worlds and aids in interpreting prophecies. As a bird of the forest, it can be instrumental in connecting with woodland energy and spirits.

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Kingfisher Key Messages: Foster Harmony • Calm Life's Turmoil

In Greek myth, this bird was called the halcyon and was said to lay its eggs at sea just before the winter solstice. Believed to have the power to calm storms, the days of peaceful weather that often occurred at that time of year came to be known as halcyon days. Through the centuries, Kingfisher has served as a symbol of peace and harmony.

According to folklore, sighting this bird was an omen of good things to come and its appearance was believed to calm life’s turmoil. Call on Kingfisher for protection from storms as well as stormy times in life. It is also instrumental when inviting abundance and prosperity to the home.

When engaging in any form of divination and prophecy, ask for Kingfisher’s help to focus concentration and bring clarity of purpose. This bird is also an aid for spells relating to love and marriage, especially when seeking fidelity and dealing with challenges.

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Lark Key Messages: Awaken Song • Stoke Imagination

Since early times, Lark has been considered a symbol of the future and springtime. Rising from the ground singing, it was considered an intermediary between heaven and earth. Although it soars to the sky, Lark aids in keeping energy grounded. Call on it when centering and grounding after ritual. The cheerfulness and joy associated with Lark are not superficial qualities but arrived at through introspection and awakening to the song that is in your heart.

Call on Lark for help with inner quests and learning to trust your intuition. This bird also helps stoke the imagination. Lark can give good luck spells a boost, too. According to folklore, its feathers were used in charms to provide protection from natural disasters as well as from negative people.

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Loon Key Messages: Find Solace • Connect with Nature

Loon is the bird to call on when experiencing a sense of longing. Its hauntingly beautiful call expresses that deep, soul-felt tug at the heart from an unknown source. Because of this, Loon can help you reach new levels of consciousness to find what you long for. Call on this bird for guidance with introspection and in finding solace.

As a bird that dives beneath the surface, Loon aids with dream work, helps reveal and interpret past-life memories, and provides support when journeying. It is a conduit for the imagination, inspiring satisfying expression of creative energy. Being heard most often around sunset and calling to each other after dark has earned Loon an association with the night.

Loon helps establish a deep connection with the natural world. With its help, you can find and kindle the spark of wisdom that flickers in the solitude of nature.

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Magpie Key Messages: Repel Negativity • Listen Carefully

With starkly contrasting black and white feathers, Magpie is a bird of balance that treads the edge between danger and death, love and happiness. As an agent of prophecy, it aids divination and the interpretation of messages. Keep an image of Magpie with your divination tools to draw its power into them.

Call on this bird to boost luck spells and bring forth what you want to manifest. Listen carefully and you will learn to develop your skills, know when to seize the right opportunities, and to use your willpower wisely. Magpie is also an aid for contacting spirits and can be called upon for support at Samhain.

According to folklore, encountering these birds could indicate good or bad luck depending on how many were seen. This resulted in a number of magpie rhymes. To counteract any negative influence, it was customary to cross fingers and wish any bad luck on the bird. In fairness to Magpie, cross your fingers and ask for its help to remove negativity.

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Mockingbird Key Messages: Promote Understanding • Gain Knowledge

Continually adding new sounds to its repertoire, Mockingbird is a creature of communication and imagination. This bird helps stimulate creativity and find your unique method of expression. Helping to find the power of your voice, Mockingbird shows how to use it to promote understanding in those around you. Call on this bird to guide you through challenging experiences and to help you gain the most knowledge from them.

Mockingbird can boost spells for courage and aid you anytime you need to overcome fear. It can also be called upon for protection, especially for the home. Include this bird in personal rituals when seeking harmony in an intimate relationship.

According to folklore, hearing this bird on a moonlit night meant you would discover something that would make you happy. Singing loudest during twilight hours and sometimes during the full moon, include Mockingbird in your esbat rituals to draw on its energy.

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Owl Key Messages: Accept Guidance • Open the Psyche

As a bird of darkness and night, Owl is an aid for dream work, all forms of prophecy, and deciphering omens. It supports the development of psychic abilities, especially clairaudience and clairvoyance. This bird is also a guide for astral travel and shamanic work as well as otherworld journeys. Owl can help you find the bridge between the seen and unseen worlds.

Serving as guardian and guide, Owl provides support and protection, especially during magic work. As befits the reputation of this bird, call on Owl when you seek higher wisdom or secret knowledge. It provides insight and clarity when searching for truth.

While this bird is associated with death, it has a very ancient connection with rebirth and renewal. Invite Owl to your Samhain and Imbolc rituals as you enter and return from the dark of the year. Also include this bird to honor loved ones when they return to the Goddess.

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Peacock Key Messages: Manifest Prosperity • Live Honestly

Although this bird epitomizes dignity and pride, it is tempered with honesty and harmony. Peacock can help you muster confidence and find your true power. As expected, this bird is associated with beauty and attraction, and can be called upon to boost love spells. It is also an aid for manifesting abundance and prosperity.

Despite its bright coloring, Peacock can seemingly disappear into a forest. Call on this bird for protection, especially when you need to fade into your surroundings and remain low-key. Peacock provides support for psychic abilities and making connections with past-life memories. Turn to this bird when you seek wisdom that will bring renewal and a fresh start.

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Pelican Key Messages: Dive In • Rise Above

This gawky-looking bird demonstrates that all is not what it may seem. Ungainly when walking on land, Pelican is a masterful highflier that gracefully soars across the sky. Associated with alchemy, it was regarded as a bird of great power. With the ability to plunge-dive head-first from high flight, Pelican indicates that challenges can be met head-on.

Representing wisdom and spiritual growth, Pelican can be called on for support in the pursuit of knowledge. In medieval art, it was commonly depicted like a phoenix. Pelican shows how to rise above problems and recover from loss. Call on the power of this bird to aid in personal and spiritual transformation.

Pelican is also an aid for boosting spells to manifest abundance as long as your prosperity and good fortune is shared in the spirit of generosity and kindness.

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Penguin Key Messages: Build Community • Have Fun

Penguin is able to hold on in the harsh Antarctic winter with community support. It shows that by working with others you can gain strength and the ability to adapt to any situation. This bird demonstrates the value of meeting one’s commitments for self and others. Penguin also demonstrates the power of cooperation.

This bird encourages the use of imagination to enhance your outlook on life. With its Charlie Chaplin walk and antics of sliding across the ice, Penguin reminds us that fun is an important part of life.

Because Penguin spends a great deal of time in winter twilight, it is familiar with being betwixt-and-between. Call on Penguin for guidance in otherworld journeys and dream work. With the moon providing the brightest light for several months, Penguin gains the wisdom of Luna and passes it along to those he guides.

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Pigeon Key Messages: Enjoy Home • Work Hard

Strongly associated with fertility, this bird can be called on for support in matters of family relationships and the home. Epitomizing the phrase, “there’s no place like home,” Pigeon can help in creating domestic space that is comfortable, special, and meaningful.

Although this bird has been associated with death, Pigeon is more appropriate for communication between the worlds. It serves to interpret messages and omens and can be a guide in many forms of divination. Pigeon is also instrumental in helping to open the channels of everyday communication and send clear messages.

This bird embodies determination and hard work but shows that it is important to temper it with pleasure. Call on Pigeon to boost spells for luck and love, and to help foster peace and security in your life. If asked, this bird will show you how to adapt to the changes (big or small) in your life.

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Roadrunner Key Messages: Be Brave • Keep Pace

Although it may be difficult to get the comic image of Roadrunner out of your mind, if you can, you will find a powerful little ally. Even though coyotes are a threat, Roadrunner thrives because it is the wily one. In fact, Roadrunner is a fearless little creature that can kill scorpions and snakes; even rattlesnakes. Call on this bird for spells or charms that bolster courage.

Preferring running to flying, this bird shows how keep pace with all the things going on in your life without losing steam. It teaches the importance of adaptability and can be a guide when quick-witted decisions must be made. Roadrunner also aids in discerning the right opportunities to grasp when they come your way. With a hidden crescent shape on it wings, Roadrunner’s special energy can enhance esbat rituals.

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Robin Key Messages: Initiate Change • Allow Grieving

Robin is a bird of renewal and growth. As a symbol of spring and quickening life, it adds energy to Imbolc and fertility rituals. Call on Robin’s wisdom to guide you to manifest changes that bring personal growth and satisfaction. To invite joy into your life, get up at dawn and listen for its song.

This bird’s energy can boost spells for luck and aid in making wishes come true. Associated with rain and storms, call on Robin to summon the power of changing weather any time of year. According to folklore, robins were said to present themselves at funerals to sing last rites. As a bird of comfort and affection, Robin can help ease grief when a loved one passes beyond the veil.

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Seagull Key Messages: Discern Opportunities • Change Perspective

With wheeling and whirling flight, Seagull is a master of the wind who shows how to value independence. This bird can help lift your spirits and provide a new perspective on your life. Known as an opportunist, it helps discern the best prospects to live up to your true potential. Also call on Seagull for spells to draw abundance into your life.

Most often associated with freedom, seagull is a mystical traveler of the realms. It is instrumental as a guide and guardian when journeying or traveling on terra firma. Call on Seagull to communicate with deities and spirits. Invite Seagull to Samhain or any ritual of passing to aid in contacting loved ones. Seagull is an aid for clarity in divination.

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Sparrow Key Messages: Be Assertive • Reach Goals

This common little bird is instrumental in activating energy for manifesting dreams and reaching goals. Despite its size, Sparrow teaches assertiveness and how to use it gently to get what you want. Invite this bird into your home to foster happiness and attract luck.

Sparrow’s association with love can be called upon for spells of attraction, love, and fidelity. For centuries, this bird has been a symbol of fertility and the fecundity of spring. Sparrow also aids in grounding energy after ritual and magic work.

According to British folklore, it was believed that ancestors could return to this world as sparrows. The ancient Romans regarded this bird as a household spirit and a symbol of protection.

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Starling Key Messages: Build Confidence • Avoid Confrontation

Starlings are masters of aerobatic displays and travel in enormous flocks that wheel in unison creating constantly morphing, ebbing and flowing patterns. Ask Starling to help stoke the embers of your imagination for creative expression. Starling helps foster communication that strengthens relationships and draws community together. It is a bird of empowerment that builds confidence and a sense of worth.

It is thought that this bird was so named either because of its star-shaped silhouette in flight or because of its speckled, starry-like winter plumage. Either way, through its help you can learn to shine.

This bird is a master of adaptation and a model for developing new skills. While it can be called upon when aggression is needed, Starling shows that confrontational situations are best handled through peaceful negotiation. Call on this bird for guidance in such situations.

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Stork Key Messages: Invite Renewal • Honor Parenthood

Because of its return to Europe every year, Stork became a symbol of spring and rebirth. This bird supports transitions and any type of fresh start you want to initiate in your life. Stork’s associated with fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth dates back thousands of years. Call on this bird to aid you in these aspects. Include Stork in a child-naming or dedication ritual or to express devotion to your child. This bird boosts protection spells, especially those intended for children.

This bird is also instrumental in spells to attract luck, opportunities, and wealth. As a bird of watery habitats, Stork is associated with and supports the emotions and engenders a feeling of love. It also stirs the waters of creativity. Stork can be called upon for help in contacting spirits.

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Swallow Key Messages: Protect Home • Celebrate the Day

Nesting under the eaves of roofs, Swallow is a bird of the home. According to folklore, it was considered good luck to have this bird build its nest on your house as it signaled protection. The ancient Romans associated this bird with household deities. Swallow aids in bringing protection, security, and warmth to your home. Also, call on this bird to boost spells relating to love, fertility, and family.

In ancient Egypt, this bird was depicted riding in the prow of Ra’s solar boat bringing the sun back from the darkness of night to rise another day. Associated with increasing light and the return of spring, include Swallow in your Imbolc and Ostara rituals to welcome the seasonal shift into the light.

Swallow also brings powerful energy for manifesting what you desire and for reversing spells. It fosters healing energy and can be called upon to grace circle gatherings for this purpose. Swallow also supports divination practices.
gypt, swallow was depicted riding in the prow of Ra’s solar boat bringing the sun back from darkness to rise another day.

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Swan Key Messages: Follow Your Calling • Embrace Change

Closely aligned with spirituality, Swan can light the way to show where your path lies and to follow your true calling. It can help you awaken to your power and cultivate intuition. Call on Swan to boost love spells and to break enchantments. With its help, you can foster change and manifest what you want in life. A bird of transformation, Swan provides support during life’s transitions and shows how to embrace change rather than fear it.

The otherworldly beauty of this bird has linked it with death and the afterlife. It can help you find a connection with those you love who have passed beyond the veil. Swan is instrumental for understanding the symbolism of dreams and remembering past lives. Long associated with shamanic work, this bird can guide you through other realms and support your vision quests. Swan aids divination and can help build clairvoyant skills.

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Turkey Key Messages: Express Gratitude • Maintain Dignity

Because we most often think of this bird in relation to Thanksgiving, it has become a symbol of abundance. While Turkey represents the bounty of the season, it reminds us to be thankful and express gratitude for the good things in life. It also demonstrates the significance of generosity.

Despite its current reputation as being dim witted, Native Americans regarded this bird as a symbol of wisdom. Turkey is particularly helpful when seeking your higher purpose in life as well as personal growth. It is a majestic bird that teaches the importance of maintaining dignity.

Turkey has also been considered a symbol of male virility and female fecundity. Call on it in spells related to fertility and sexuality.

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Vulture Key Messages: Learn to Nurture • Develop Spiritually

As an ancient symbol of mother goddesses, this bird has been associated with nurturing. It represents strength and protection and was long regarded as an aid for pregnancy and childbirth. Vulture fosters loyalty and trust in families and is especially helpful when resolving problems.

To the ancient Greeks, Vulture was a symbol of the duality and unity of heaven and earth; the spiritual and material. This bird can be instrumental as a guide for spiritual growth.

Worldwide, Vulture has been regarded as a bird of mystery and power. It supports all forms of divination and aids in the development of psychic skills. Call on Vulture to guide a loved one over the threshold into the afterlife and eventual rebirth. This bird’s compassionate nature provides comfort to those who remain in this world.

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Woodpecker Key Messages: Awaken Knowledge • Follow your Heart

Woodpecker is a bird of activation. It stimulates cycles, growth, and the mind. Meditation with this bird can awaken hidden knowledge and reveal the truth that you seek. Woodpecker is a guide for travelers in the mundane world and in other realms. It also provides protection and security allowing you the freedom to fully experience your adventures.

Wherever this bird has lived, it has been considered magical with powers of prophecy. Call on Woodpecker for support in all forms of divination. According to folklore, this bird was considered an omen of good luck.

Woodpecker was believed to summon storms with its drumming noise; it also provided protection. Woodpecker’s drumming is a message to follow the beat of your heart to gain what you truly want.

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Wren Key Messages: Be Adaptable • Stay Grounded

A renowned bird of magic, Wren helps explore and find your powers. Call on it for aid in developing magical abilities, divination skills, and other talents. When seeking interpretation of messages, let Wren speak through your intuition.

This small creature demonstrates that no matter how humble your beginnings, you can overcome fear and achieve monumental things. Wren shows that adaptability, resourcefulness, and endurance are key to attaining goals as long as you remain grounded and true to your values.

According to folklore, its feathers were used as charms against bad luck and for protection. Ask for Wren’s help in breaking hexes or to dispel any form of negativity.

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