Whispers from the Woods


The Lore and Magic of Trees 

Because the pace of life has become so fast that everyday events seem to be a blur, we need to ask ourselves if this is how we really want to exist?

If we are to find meaning in our lives, then we have to make time to slow down, to open both our flow of energy and soul to the pulse of life in order to find where we truly live. However, we are starting to come full circle. There has been a sea change and people’s spirituality is transforming. We could say that the Goddess has returned to her place in our hearts, but perhaps it is more accurate to say she never left. We simply closed our hearts and minds to her call and couldn’t hear the whispers from the woods.

This book is intended to help open our hearts and minds as we continue to explore our place in the “web of life”. Trees provide many pathways to tap into this web. Like music, trees speak to something deep and primal within us. Trees can help us open our souls to the power and spirit of earth’s rhythms, and as we harvest the fruit of our spiritual journey we will find the seeds of our future.

Whispers from the Woods guides you through basic energy exercises and meditations to begin working with trees. The Celtic Ogham, tree calendar and shamanic journeying are explored with suggestions for personalizing these methods for deeper meaning and a link with the natural world that is uniquely yours. Several feng shui tools are adapted to invite tree energy into your environment to strengthen your connection with the web of existence as well as effect change in your life. Bringing tree energy into your rituals and spellcraft is also covered to help you tap into the magic of the green world.


The magic of trees


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