As the wheel of the year turns and spring arrives, the world seems to vibrate with quickening energy and life. Signs of re-awakening can be seen everywhere as flowers emerge and trees come into bud. Halfway between the solstices, Ostara is a sabbat of balance that celebrates the earth and sun. Earth represents female energy and the sun, male energy. When they come into balance at this time of year things blossom and grow: plants, new life in the womb, and creative spirit.

This season brings freshness to our lives and new perspectives. With winter receding, we are drawn outside to shed heavy winter clothes and feel the warmth of the sun. The return of spring revitalizes our contact with the natural world and its cycle of renewal as we give thanks to the Goddess for the wonder of her power and her unfolding beauty.

Blessings of Ostara: May our hearts open like flowers with the return of spring to find renewal and harmony.

Celebrate the Wheel of the YearFlow with Mother Ocean
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