Mixing Oils for Magic

Mixing Essential Oils for Magic

Explore the Aromatic Alchemy of Scent

There are many books that provide recipes for essential oil blends, which are fun to use for a while, but eventually most of us who like to express our individuality want to create our own mixes. While there are a plethora of books with details about different essential oils, lists of magical associations and information on perfumery categories, few really provide a fundamental and functional understanding of how to choose oils for mixing.

Mixing Essential Oils for Magic is a straightforward guide to selecting and blending essential oils for Wiccans and Pagans whose creativity is an integral part of their spiritual and magical practices.

Experimentation is fun, but there is no reason that it has to be a hit or miss prospect. While there are no hard and fast rules for creating essential oil blends, there are basic guidelines of how to make an informed decision when choosing oils. This book not only guides you with step-by-step instructions on how to blend, it also helps you understand why what you are doing works.

You will learn about the different aromatic extracts, the processes used to create them, and the equipment needed to get started. Just because oils may share certain magical associations it does not mean that they will necessarily blend well together, and so a chapter is devoted to each of the four methods of choosing oils: by botanical family, scent group, perfume note, and one I created and call “as above – so below”.

As the name implies, “carrier” oils hold or carry essential oils, but their powers are unfortunately ignored. Because, they too, come from plants, you will learn how the properties of carrier oils can provide a boost to your magical practices.

Along with an historical background to the use of scent in ritual, the book includes information on the plants from which essential and carrier oils come, their historical use, details about the oils and, of course, their magical uses. The material is thoroughly cross referenced to put important blending information at your fingertips.

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