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My Latest Book: Tree Magic

While the Celtic tree calendar is often a primer for working with trees, Tree Magic goes beyond to provide a comprehensive introduction to over sixty-five types of trees. It provides a unique understanding of their historical importance and modern magical uses.
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Tree Magic

My Other Books on Magic and Spirituality

Crystal Magic

A full-color guide for crystals in magic and ritual.

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Magical Symbols

A practitioner’s guide to spells, rites, and history.

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Bird Magic

Wisdom from the Goddess and her avian messengers.

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Mixing Oils for Magic

A how-to guide for creating your own magical blends.

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Complete Book of Correspondences

A comprehensive and cross-referenced resource.

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Explore the wisdom of Mother Ocean from anywhere.

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Plant Magic

Take a magical journey through the wheel of the year.

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Your Altar

The altar as a tool for self-exploration and spiritual growth.

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365 Days of Crystal Magic

Simple practices for every day of the year.

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My Books on Healing, Health, and Gardening

Herbal Remedies

A reference with easy remedies for holistic health.

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Complete Book of Essential Oils

A holistic approach for body, mind, spirit, and home.

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Herb Gardener's Essential Guide

A gardening guide for healing and health.

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