365 Days of Crystal Magic

365 Days of Crystal Magic

Explore Crystal Wisdom Every Day

Journey through the wheel of the year with daily crystal magic and suggestions for the magical and personal use of stones. For every calendar date, you’ll discover ways to use crystals to deepen awareness, lift your mood, improve your divination, reduce stress, reach your goals, find love and community, strengthen your willpower, and much more.

The introductory material guides the reader through the basics of choosing and preparing crystals and provides an overview on how to use them. Naturally, entries include gemstones associated with the sabbats, full moons, and the zodiac. The Celtic Ogham/tree months and runic half months are also included with suggestions on crystals that support the energy and wisdom of their respective symbols. Other days of note come from ancient festivals with celebrations of interest to modern Pagans and Wiccans.

Where events overlap (such as a sabbat and change of zodiac sign), readers you take your pick of which occasion to celebrate or use your imagination and combine them. Where events occur on changeable dates (such as full moons), activities can be swapped with ones that are not specifically related to a particular date.

While crystals boost energy for rituals and spells, they also strengthen our connection with the natural world because they are created by the dynamic forces of the earth. In addition, the nuances of their individual characteristics enrich our daily lives. Spend a little time getting to know your crystals for a rewarding personal experience and even more powerful magic.

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