The Avian Oracle

Explore the wisdom of birds

The Avian Oracle takes you on a journey into the cultural history associated with birds as well as their function in religious practices, magic, and ritual. Forty-five birds serve as guides to help interpret and personalize the messages they bring and aid you in discovering how to work with their energy for spells, dream work, and ritual, as well as spiritual and personal growth. Great or small, every bird has its own particular wisdom and magic that can enrich your life.
The Avian Oracle brings you into the world of birds—their uniqueness and the special affinity humans have with them. For thousands of years, birds have epitomized freedom and served as a symbol of the soul. Because they have been associated with some of the most powerful deities and sometimes represented the Divine, it is no surprise that they touch the soul and bring meaning to people’s lives.

Detailed information is provided on how to do readings in general and why first impressions often hold relevant information for interpreting personal meanings. Six special bird-related card spreads are presented and explained. Each of these spreads has an overall theme and each card within it has a particular focus relating to that theme.

While the use of birds for augury in ancient times is well known, The Avian Oracle provides an overview of the role birds have played in other divination practices, ritual, and magic in many cultures around the world. Historical information is followed by details for drawing the energy of birds into ritual, spell work, journeying, and dream interpretation.

Individual profiles in the book provide information about the birds, their messages, and how to interpret them. The profiles include physical details, behavior, folklore, and symbolism as well as magical associations and attributes. Suggestions are included on how to work with the birds in other practices and ritual.

Working with The Avian Oracle aids in uniting the personal with the mystical and magical, the mundane with the sacred. It also helps to awaken intuition and psychic abilities, and aids in tapping into subtle energies. The Avian Oracle serves as a guide to the ways in which birds can enhance your spiritual and everyday life as well as deepen connection with self. Working with birds shows you that information often comes softly, like the flutter of wings.

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