Plant Magic

Plant Magic

Explore Seasonal Magic through the Year

Whether we garden or collect plants in meadows or woods, their wisdom comes alive when we work with them within the context of the seasons and we learn how their cycles progress month by month. Basing our magical use of plants within the seasons also helps us develop additional and more meaningful ways to connect with the green world and nature spirits. This, in turn, provides our rituals and magic with continuity through the year.

Including both ordinary and classically witchy plants, this book serves as a guide and stepping stone to develop a working knowledge of plants. Going month by month it highlights a range of plants—from the smallest herb to greatest tree—with facts about their physical characteristics, history and folklore, and of course, magical uses. You will also learn how plant cycles fit into the wheel of the year. While this book focuses on North American plants, it shows how plant mythology and folklore was often carried here by European settlers and applied to similar plants. In many cases, settlers brought plants with them to the New World.

Each chapter focuses on a month and is divided into four sections. The first is called “On the Calendar” and takes note of sabbats and other significant dates that involve plants. The next two sections are called “In the Garden” and “In the Wild.” These highlight plants that may be blooming or bearing fruit that month. As expected, these two sections are somewhat fluid as some wild plants have become popular in the garden and some garden plants have found homes outside of our backyards. The last section is called “In the House” and focuses on indoor, plant-related projects and activities.

Being familiar with plants and their cycles connects us more closely with nature and with all the wise women and men who have gone before us as we carry on their work with plant magic. In addition, working with plants according to the season helps us discover and develop our unique ways of self-expression in the craft.

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