Sea Magic

Explore the Power of Mother Ocean

The sea has always been a place of mystery; its vastness beautiful, awesome and fearsome. It is teeming with creatures so different from land dwellers that it seemed worthy of the warning on old maps: “Here be monsters”.

The ocean has also seemed mysterious because it was believed to conceal the Isles of the Otherworld; the places of magic and spirit. Some Celtic heroes managed to journey there and back again – but always changed. Sea change – transformation. Just as the ocean has been a vast uncharted wilderness until relatively recent times, it has remained fairly untapped for energy work and inner path exploration.

Sea Magic is a path for being and living in this world whether you are near or far from the coast. It is instrumental for rediscovering that primal rhythm within us so that we can find our center and balance in a chaotic world. Finding our watery center serves as a place from which we can grow as individuals. Like running waves, our energy can develop to enhance our lives as well as those around us.

Sea Magic – working with the energy of the ocean– serves to deepen our experience of the natural world as well as our individual journey through life. Because of our primal connection with the sea, we can invoke its power from within ourselves. After all, water is the element related to the inner self and the energy of magic emanates from the depths of our being.

This book will take you on an exploration of the power of the sea through:
• Physical practices: the ocean breath and sea centering,
• Symbol and energy: seashells, the tantalizing promise of discovery,
• Self-exploration: seashell readings and divination,
• Animal guides: finding your sea fetch,
• Sea deities and creating sea altars,
• The moon and a cosmic sea centering.

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