Bird Magic

Bird Magic

Explore the Messengers of the Goddess

Many creatures served as epiphanies of the Great Goddess, but one of the earliest and most pervasive was the bird. For a span of almost twenty-five thousand years, the Divine was portrayed as a woman/bird fusion, the Bird Goddess.

Animals depicted with the Great Goddess were not just her totems, they embodied her and represented her power. Of course, the other highly important creature associated with the Great Goddess was the snake. However, while the snake was made into something abhorrent by religious zealots bent on extinguishing goddess worship, the power of the bird was too strong and appealing. These creatures of the air were adopted as symbols, messengers, and the ultimate epiphany of the Divine.

The Great Goddess was and is considered to be immanent, her presence felt everywhere: sky, earth, and sea. As her most fundamental and long-standing epiphany, birds are everywhere, too. They exist in every type of ecosystem and have been present through all the civilizations that have come and gone. For thousands of years, birds have represented freedom, the immortal soul, messengers of gods and goddesses, and shaman’s helpers. Although the symbolic roles of birds have evolved over time, they have been consistently associated with spirit and divinity.

This book offers a fresh view into the deeper meaning of the ancient Bird Goddess and how this fusion of woman and bird encompassed the profound mysteries of life, death, and spirit. It explores how these interwoven aspects of the Goddess create the dynamic energy of cyclic time that turns the wheel of life and nature. Through background information and ritual, you will be guided through each aspect and learn how to incorporate the Goddess’s meaning and symbols into your practices to enrich your spiritual path. In addition, a number of activities provide you with various ways to connect with birds on a personal level to enhance your everyday life.

You will learn how birds provide a simple yet powerful way to stay connected with the natural world and its seasonal markers. With an encyclopedic listing of more than sixty birds, each profile includes the history, myths, folklore, and magical information as well as how to connect with their energy. The book also provides practical information for identifying birds and where to look for them. You will learn how working with birds helps awaken intuition and psychic abilities, enhances your sabbat and esbat rituals, and supports a range of practices.

Birds have a great deal to teach and share. Information comes softly like the whispering flutter of wings as the Bird Goddess speaks to us.

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