Complete Book of Essential Oils

Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Essential Oils

Explore the Magic in Everyday Life

This book is a straightforward guide to a holistic approach for using essential oils for body, mind, spirit, and home. It walks you through a wide range of applications and practices that support good health and well-being. It also provides some unique and fun ways to enhance your life and home with essential oils.

Healing and Personal Care – You are guided through a wide range of healing remedies and methods for using them. One chapter not only provides information on which essential oils to use for common ailments, but also which types of remedy applications are most appropriate. Details on making and using personal care products are also included.

Emotional, Spiritual, and Magical – While essential oils are commonly used to influence the emotions, you will also learn how to employ them while working with the chakras and how to incorporate them into spiritual practices. In addition to learning how to make scented candles, a little candle magic is also included.

For the Home – Information for using essential oils around the home guides you on what to use for cleaning, freshening, and pest control. To enhance the energy of your home, an introduction on how to practice feng shui with scents.

Perfume – Because so many of us are attracted to the rich scent of essential oils, you will learn how to select oils based on two fundamental methods used by perfumers, plus a fun idea for making a birthday blend based on sun sign is also included.

Explanations and step-by-step instructions guide you through selecting, making, and using the different preparations and methods. It also helps you get the most from the essential oils you have on hand.

While the focus is on essential oils, carrier oils and other ingredients are also explored with equal importance. Although recipe suggestions are provided throughout the book, the emphasis is on understanding the various types of remedies.

Whether or not you are new to essential oils or have been using them for years, this book will serve as an indispensable reference.

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