The Witches’ Encyclopedia
of Magical Plants

The green world has been a powerful ally for people since ancient times and has provided the basics for survival. Through the centuries, herbalists, wise women, and cunning folk have explored and worked with plants and found that they supplied more than the mundane necessities, plants also held spiritual and magical power.

Plants were a component of spiritual practices in ancient cultures worldwide. Burning incense during ritual provided a connection between the physical and spiritual, between the mundane and the Divine.

This book is a learning and reference tool. Many of the plants included in the book are well known for magical use, a few are a bit obscure, and some are common garden or houseplants that have come into magical use in modern times. Each plant profile includes botanical, common, and folk names, and a description. Each profile also includes historical information and folklore that go beyond the commonly known stories to show the rich background plants that may spark something for you and make a plant more personally meaningful.

Plants provide a gateway into a wider world of spirit and magic. This book is intended to help you pass through that gateway to explore and work with plants to support your magic work and spiritual path. Working with plants provides a connection with the wise folk who have gone before us and their timeless traditions while developing unique ways of self-expression in the craft.

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