Your Altar

Your Altar

Explore the Magic in Front of You

Taking time for meditation can be a life-changing experience, but getting from here to there may seem too difficult unless you use the right tool. That tool is simply your altar. While it is standard practice to use an altar for focus, Your Altar presents a new way to use it as an integral meditation technique.

This book is a guide for using an altar as a tool for self-exploration and growth. An altar can serve as a map that leads the mind through a pre-determined flow for a unique form of meditative practice. Dividing an altar into multiple sections and using them to focus a flow of thoughts allows the altar to function as a powerful and symbolic tool not unlike a Buddhist mandala (sacred circles), classical Christian icons and Hindu yantras.

It’s not what you place on an altar, but how you use energy and intention. By dividing your altar into a certain number of sections helps you tap into powerful universal symbolism. Your Altar provides a variety of meditations based on the number of sections you create on your altar.

As a central part of ritual and worship, an altar is a place of spiritual encounter. It serves as a reminder of our contact with the Divine as well as contact with our souls. Using an altar strikes a familiar chord within us. We may not understand why this occurs, but we can sense a shift of energy away from ordinary awareness. Altars hold objects of inspiration and devotion, personal and sacred, resulting in a space that visibly and energetically links the spiritual and physical worlds and provides clues to our innermost thoughts and feelings.

In addition to providing a place for worship, an altar functions as a tool for exploration and growth. Because of the energies that converge, an altar is not a passive space, there is constant interaction that leads from the psyche to the soul. This meeting point of spiritual and mundane energies can provide an orientation or anchor in the world; a place to hold onto and come back to for personal strength and exploration.

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