Complete Book of Correspondences

Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences

Explore Magical Connections

The first question you may have about this book is: Why another one on magical correspondences? After all, there are already a number of such books plus many others contain lists and tables so why this one?

First of all, I wanted to correlate as much information as possible and present it in a way that is well organized, straightforward and easy to use as a companion to the many books on Wiccan and Pagan ritual and spell work. Entries are cross-referenced and indexed, and organized by categories and subcategories, making it quick and easy to find what you need.

Secondly, my aim is to move away from the idea of rote tables and into the concept of a web where the correspondences we use are not only associated with an intention but also with each other. This book looks at why correspondences are more than objects on which to focus intent, and how they are fundamental to how we think.

Using correspondences unites our ideas, beliefs and energy, providing our rituals and spell work with deeper meaning as we unite our individuality with a larger purpose. As Pagans we speak about the web of life and once we discover the interconnections among magical correspondences we can see that they provide a structure upon which we can weave our intentions as well as our lives. We bring correspondences to life by thinking in terms of a web. This not only allows us to expand the links of attributes, it also allows us to personalize the way we use magical correspondences.

Correspondences serve as links to the past that allows us to connect with ancient myths and deities as well as the folklore handed down from not-so-distant centuries. For all our modern-day sophistication, we find relevance in these associations because they draw us more closely to a profound sense of where we belong in this world.

While there are many correspondences that we have learned through ritual and study, we also need to find the combinations that work best for us. Above all, I like to encourage individual exploration. Become familiar with the deities, plants and things that interest you, such as the tarot or Celtic ogham, and you will find many reasons behind the interrelationships of correspondences. You may also forge new ones that hold special meaning for you. In this way you can weave unique and powerful magic.

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