Tree Magic

Explore the magic of the forest

Trees provide a gateway into a wider world of spirit and magic. This book is intended to help you explore their timeless mysteries and work with their power. The first part of the book contains a brief history of beliefs regarding trees, their associations with deities, and their importance from sacred forest to mundane gathering place. Other chapters provide information on working with tree energy, how to use it in ritual and magic, and how to make various tools from parts of trees. Of course, the Celtic ogham is also explored along with several tree calendars and the runic half months. 

The tree profiles include sixty-five types of trees. Although not all of them are trees, per se, other types of plants have been added to accommodate the Celtic ogham, plus a few more that are of magical interest. In addition to descriptions and seasonal details, each profile includes historical and magical background information, associated deities, and items to purchase when the tree is not available. Each entry also includes suggestions for magical and ritual use. This book:

• Provides a comprehensive introduction to working with trees,

• Contains background and historical information for each type of tree,

• Includes both ordinary and classically witchy trees,

• Furnishes botanical details for basic identification,

• Explains how to make a range of magical tools from trees,

• Will be a go-to reference for years to come.

Tree Magic will serve as a guide to bring the magic and wisdom of trees into your life. Like music, trees speak to something deep and primal within our souls. Working with trees enriches our lives and provides unique access to the power and spirit that surrounds us.

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