Herb Gardener's Essential Guide

The Herb Gardener’s Essential Guide

Explore the Magic of Growing Herbs

There is a special beauty to herbs. We may know many of them as unassuming garden plants, but their use is intertwined with human history. For thousands of years herbs have provided people with fragrance, taste, and healing. Whether we have a traditional garden or containers on a porch or windowsill, tending plants makes us more aware of nature’s cycles, which is healing and brings balance to our lives. Gardening provides the perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy life.

This book explains how to create and maintain an herb garden as well as how to grow herbs in containers on a porch or windowsill. This book starts at the beginning and explains how to plan a garden, how to get it started, and details on the tools needed. It also covers garden maintenance, companion planting, and composting. You will also learn how to harvest and preserve the parts of plants needed to create your own remedies.

Chapters also guide you through the processes of making and using foundation mixtures such as infusions, decoctions, and tinctures with herbs and essential oils. It also provides information on how to make and use other forms of remedies such as creams, salves, and compresses, many of which are based on the foundation mixtures. In addition, you will learn the basics of essential oils and carrier oils, and their place in making herbal remedies.

The Herb Gardener’s Essential Guide includes an encyclopedic listing of 28 herbs, which serves as a reference on their use as remedies and how to grow them. Each entry includes a plant description with notes on growing and harvesting, historical information about the plant, and medicinal uses and recipes. Precautions and contraindications are also included.

In conjunction with the plant profiles, a convenient cross-reference of remedies and herbs by ailment and issue is also included. Whether or not you have been gardening for years and/or making your own remedies, this book will serve as a handy reference for safely treating common ailments and minor injuries as well as details for using herbs to support good health.

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