Witches’ Sabbats & Esbats

Explore the Power of Ritual

Ritual creates a place of power. Intention and energy transform a place of ritual into a space that transcends the mundane world. Ritual is a place where the personal and sacred meet and energetically links the spiritual and physical worlds. Through ritual, we can enter into the presence of the Divine, spirits, and ancestors. We also open ourselves and search for answers to the questions that guide our souls.

Through the Sabbats, we mark tradition. Through the Esbats, we come into balance with the rhythms of the natural world. Together the Sabbats and Esbats celebrate the interconnected cycles of the three most important celestial bodies: sun, moon, and earth. Through these celebrations, we bring our bodies, minds, and spirits into alignment and into magic.

While this book provides ideas, words, and direction for ritual, the most important part must be supplied by you: faith in your beliefs. Use this book as a framework for your truth and live the magic.

Witches’ Sabbats & Esbats includes:
• An introduction to ritual, the Sabbats, and Esbats
• Information about altars, symbols, and Runes
• A guide for creating your own rituals
• Rituals presented in group and solitary format
• Preliminary and background information for each ritual
• A special ritual as tribute to one of my favorite authors J.R.R. Tolkien

Available in Paperback

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