Magic can be found anywhere because it is everywhere, and sometimes where we least expect it.

Explore the world around you as well as within. Go deep.

When you question, study, learn, and create... the real magic happens.



Bird Magic
Explore the wisdom of the Great Goddess and learn why birds are
her most powerful creatures.


Plant Magic
Take a magical journey through the wheel of the year for magic in context with the seasons.

Mixing Essential Oils for Magic
A guide to understanding how to choose essential oils to create your own magical blends.


Star Magic
Take a new look at the constellations from a modern Wiccan/Pagan perspective.


Herb Gardener's Essential Guide
Learn about gardening and how to create herbal remedies and oils for health and healing.


Flow with Mother Ocean

Sea Magic
Explore a new way to define and deepen your inner journey by connecting with the ocean's energy.


Celebrate the Wheel of the Year

A Year of Ritual
A complete sourcebook for the
celebration of sabbats and esbats designed for solitaries and covens. (more...)


Power in your hands

Change at Hand
Delve into a unique blend of palmistry and energy work.


Llewellyn's Complete Book
of Correspondences

A comprehensive and cross-referenced resource for magic and ritual.


Let your altar guide you

Your Altar
A guide to using your altar as a tool for self-exploration and spiritual growth.


Connect with the wisdom of the forest

Whispers from the Woods
Explore a range of methods for accessing the energy and wisdom of the forest.

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